Educated experts at your farm gate.

We're a business that has scientific grounding and a wide knowledge of all things agronomy. Our team of agronomists are dedicated to looking after you and your farm from the front gate to the back paddock. We have a genuine passion for success that we share with our clients everyday.

James Smith

  • Company Director/Senior Agronomist - Central Otago
  • 027 567 0779

After completing his Dip. Farm Management at Lincoln University, James worked as an agronomist and research technician for nine years. Using his great depth of knowledge, he then moved into a farm advisory role for four years. Now as the owner and director of Wholesale Seeds alongside his wife Angela, James uses his expertise to provide farmers with the knowledge and products to grow high yielding green feed and seed multiplication crops.

Lance Bellew

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • 027 254 8749

Having spent 13 years in the telecommunications industry, Lance joined Wholesale Seeds in 2017. Having studied a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance at the University of Canterbury, he brings with him broader skills in financial management, strategy and commercial operation. Based in our Ashburton office, Lance is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company, developing information systems and working alongside the wider management team on long term goals and strategy.

Patrick Davis

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • 027 567 0771

Patrick completed his Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Lincoln University in 2011 and he’s has been building on his now extensive experience ever since. Coming from a farming family, he’s grown up knowing how a successful operation is run. And as one of the early supporters of fodder beet he has introduced several innovations that are now industry practice. Passionate about his core role at Wholesale Seeds, Patrick oversees all sales and purchases while maintaining an active relationship with several key clients.

Izaak McDonald

  • Sales Operations Manager
  • 027 352 1085

Izaak joined Wholesale Seeds in early 2018 after several years in the banking industry following a Bachelor of Commerce degree completed at Lincoln University. Based in our Ashburton office, Izaak is responsible for the sales operations side of the business working closely with the team of agronomists to forecast seed and agchem requirements throughout the season as well as assisting with stock management at each of our four stores throughout the South Island.

Stephen Booth

  • Sales Manager
  • 027 555 8595

Originally studying a Diploma in Marketing at Adelaide University, Stephen has over 12 years’ experience in our industry and carries a wealth of knowledge and understanding of fertiliser. As an agronomist as well as our fertiliser account manager, Stephen is passionate about passing on his knowledge of agronomy to farmer and growers alike.

Tristan Arps

  • Site Operations Manager
  • 027 567 0777

Tristan started with Wholesale Seeds in 2016 and quickly rose through the ranks to be appointed Site Operations Manager in 2018. Bringing with him years of experience in the grain & seed industry, Tristan is responsible for all areas of our Ashburton based seed mixing & warehouse operations. Tristan also works with the management team to come up with and implement ways to drive operational excellence throughout the business.

Jamie Ward

  • Senior Agronomist - Mid Canterbury
  • 027 567 0774

Originally completing his Dip. Farm Management at Lincoln University, Jamie now has over a decade’s experience in the agriculture industry. A successful farmer in his own right, Jamie’s knowledge ranging from agricultural contracting to farm management is invaluable to our clients as he’s able to relate to farmers and draw on his own experience. Someone who’s passionate about our industry, Jamie is excited to watch it grow and become fairer for farmers as he passes on his knowledge and unique insight.

Derek Thelning

  • Agronomist - Mid Canterbury
  • 027 567 0772

Derek is a Bachelor of Agricultural Science graduate from Lincoln university. He brings to the company a wealth of knowledge in fertiliser having worked in this industry for the past five years. Derek is based out of Christchurch where he resides with his family.

Mellory Watson

  • Agronomist - Mid Canterbury
  • 027 567 0992

Mellory’s family operate a large arable farming operation in Chertsey, Mid Canterbury. She is a Lincoln graduate, having completed an Agricultural Science degree at Lincoln with an outstanding Academic record. Mellory has a key role in assisting several of Wholesale seeds senior agronomists in Mid Canterbury.

Michael Kempthorne

  • Agronomist - Mid Canterbury
  • 027 567 0776

A member of a farming family himself, Michael entered the agriculture industry by getting involved with Lincoln University research trials ranging from livestock to pasture and fodder beet. For over three years now he’s been focused on the seed industry, using his research experience in the field as an agronomist who’s passionate about growing high yielding, healthy pastoral and forage crops.

Geoff Mavor

  • Agronomist - North Otago
  • 027 620 9224

With over 25 years’ experience, Geoff has a strong and sound understanding of what’s involved in growing and improving farming systems. He prides himself in providing farmers and growers with expert technical and chemical advice, as well as a great depth of seed knowledge to help clients get the best result from their crops.

Sam Sturgess

  • Agronomist - North Otago
  • 027 567 0990

Sam is a Waitaki boys old boy who has come home to North Otago after completing a Bachelor of Science at the university of Otago. Sam has already amassed 5 years’ experience in the field and is eager to show local farmers how wholesale seeds can get them growing. Sam excels at rugby, playing for the local Valley club and captaining North Otago in the national Heartland competition.

Thomas Bird

  • Agronomist - Central Otago
  • 027 567 0773

Thomas began his career as a Pastoral Agronomist upon completing his Bachelor of Commerce at Lincoln University, majoring in Agriculture. While studying, his exposure to a number of different farming systems meant he could study what made them successful. Bringing that knowledge into our industry, his attention is now focused on Central Otago where he’s based as a Regional Manager. He prides himself in his accurate, professional approach to agronomy and continues to build his unique skillset.

Bridget McFadden

  • Agronomist - Central Otago
  • 027 567 0784

A graduate from Lincoln University, Bridget studied Agricultural Science for four years before being becoming one of our Junior Agronomists. Based in Central Otago, she’s eager to apply her knowledge in the field and provide clients with expert advice.

Aaron Burrowes

  • Senior Agronomist - Southland
  • 027 682 0000

Having grown up on a mixed cropping farm in Mid-Canterbury, Aaron already had experience growing vegetable, brassica, cereal and ryegrass seed crops before moving to Southland. An accomplished helicopter pilot with an agricultural rating, he has combined his passions of agriculture and aviation and become a valuable figure to the Southland pastoral sector where he thrives on getting the best results for his clients.

Campbell Addenbrooke

  • Agronomist - Southland
  • 027 567 0778

Campbell got involved in the seed industry straight after completing his Certificate in Agriculture at Lincoln University. With over three years’ knowledge and experience focused on ground preparation and soils and plant management, Campbell works in Southland, providing farmers and growers expert advice to achieve healthy, high-yielding forage and pastoral crops.